There are certain skills that go along with urban living, from knowing how to fix a flat bike tire to being able to grow tomatoes in a condo. But more important than knowing how to do everything yourself is simply becoming a part of the community of people around you, who have their own skills to share.

The Institute for Urban Living — a project of the Jack London Square Farmers’ Market — is as much an experiment in community building as it is a series of how-to workshops and hands-on activities. We’re piloting the program from January 15 – mid-May.

Our goal is to introduce our farmers’ market visitors to a diverse group of local organizations, businesses, and individuals who are doing awesome community-focused work all over Oakland. We hope to shine a spotlight on what a great place Oakland is (and continues to become!) while building a greater sense of community at the market and in Oakland in general.

First Sundays:

We’re focusing on food, cooking, and local chefs! Stay tuned for events including chef cook-offs, demonstrations from our food producers, cooking demos from our own market chef, and more!

Second Sundays:

Is all about BIKES! We”ll be partnering with some local community bike organizations along with East Bay Bike Coalition and our neighbor, Bay Area Bikes, to bring workshops, mechanics, and more to the market. More info to come!

Third Sundays:

We’ve got free fitness activities, nutrition educators, cooking demos, and other events and activities lined up to keep you eating better and moving more.

Fourth Sundays:

It’s DIY Day! We’ll have workshops on everything from screen printing to container gardening. Let us know if you have a skill to share!

Fifth Sundays:

We’ll have special events for you on the 5th Sundays in January and April. More info coming soon…


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